Meals Program

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One of our most popular volunteer activities is our meals program. This is where you either drop off a prepared meal, or cook a meal at the Ronald McDonald House for families staying at the House.

In many communities and cultures, it is traditional for friends and neighbors to prepare meals for their loved ones who are caring for a sick family member. It is an act of human kindness that translates feelings of concern into a tangible expression of kindness.

When parents return to the Ronald McDonald House after a long day at the hospital, it is nice to have a hot, delicious home-cooked meal prepared for them and is one of the amenities that we strive to provide to all of our guests on a daily basis.

We rely on volunteers to provide these warm, nutritious meals. Meals may be purchased from a restaurant or other commercial-type kitchen or cooked on-site in the Ronald McDonald House kitchen. Either way, volunteers are welcomed to stay and enjoying the meal with our families.

If you are interested in providing meals at the Ronald McDonald House, the first step is to get on our monthly meals calendar. You can do this by calling us at 471-1814. Then decide whether you would like to drop the meal off or cook it at the Ronald McDonald House (descriptions below).

Time Commitment:

Please call us 48 hours in advance of providing your meal to let us know what you will be providing so that we can announce your selection to our families (phone: 471-1814).

To Drop Off a Meal:

All meals need to be dropped off at the Ronald McDonald House located at 311 N. Logan (between Platte and Boulder).

-Dinners need to be ready to eat at 6:00pm. (They may be dropped off earlier in the day with warming instructions)

-Lunches, on weekends only, should be delivered by noon. -Breakfasts, any day, should be delivered at 9:00am (the House opens at 9:00am)

To Cook a Meal at the Ronald McDonald House:

We welcome you to cook in our kitchens! To do so, please plan to bring any and all food needed in your food preparation. We do have two kitchens that are outfitted with basic cookware and utensils. If your menu selection requires any special cookware, etc., please plan to bring your own along.

The schedule for having meals ready is as follows:

-6:00pm for dinner

-Noon for lunch (Weekends only)

-9:00am for breakfast (The House opens at 9:00am, breakfast will be served as soon as you have it ready.

Thank you in advance for your generosity in helping us make a difference!

If you have any questions, please contact us or call 471-1814.