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What is a Ronald McDonald Care Mobile?

Ronald McDonald Care Mobiles go directly to areas where children are medically underserved and offer high-quality medical and dental care through our relationship with Peak Vista. This 40-foot long vehicle is specifically built to deliver pediatric health care services. Our RMCM is the first in Colorado and the first 'green' (operating on bio-diesel fuel) Care Mobile in the USA!

What services does the RMCM provide?
The RMCM provides a number of services including:
Primary care, well-child visits and developmental screening
Diagnostic, preventive and restorative dental care
Oral Hygiene education
Asthma treatment and self-management education
Pulmonary function testing
Vision, hearing and lead screening
School and sports physicals
Prenatal care for pregnant teens
Childhood health promotion and injury prevention education
Nutrition counseling
Pediatric specialty care, such as oncology, cardiology and otolaryngology
Mental health assessment and referral
Blood collection
Social service resource referral
Health education
Care for special needs children

Who staffs the RMCM?
Staffing is provided through Peak Vista and includes a Nurse Practitioner, dental hygienist, dentist and program manager. Other staffing is handling on an as-needed basis.

Where does the RMCM operate?
Our RMCM operates throughout El Paso and Teller Counties as needed.

What age children does the RMCM treat?
Our RMCM provides health care and health education services to children from birth to 18 years of age.

Does the RMCM problem replace regular visits to the doctor or dentist?
Services provided on the RMCM are not meant to replace regular visits to a doctor or dentist. Rather, they provide an entry point into a regular pattern of health care for underserved children, with the goal of connecting the child and his or her family to a medical or dental home.

In some cases, we understand that the RMCM will need to be the medical or dental 'home' for a child because of severe lack of health care providers in their community. However, this type of situation is more the exception than the rule.

Who operates the RMCM?
The RMCM is operated through our local RMHC Charities (via our Board of Directors) and our relationship with Peak Vista.

How do I get care for my children from the RMCM?
Click here to be connected to Peak Vista. You will be able to access the upcoming RMCM location schedule and also direct any questions you have to Peak Vista directly.

Do children or their families have to pay for health care services provided by the RMCM?
Any costs associated with health care from the RMCM are handled directly by Peak Vista. Click here to get more information.