Share A Night

When families arrive at our House, they often have very little besides hope and prayers.

In the last thirty years of providing family centered care and keeping families together, no one has ever been turned away because of a lack of funds.

Share a Night helps to support a family’s stay at our House.

Would you like to “Share a Night” with us?

Your generosity allows RMHCSC to continue providing housing to eleven families concurrently, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Families with seriously ill hospitalized children face many hardships. First, and foremost, their main focus is their child’s well-being. Often in an unknown community, families are trying to meet their basic needs: where will they stay; how will they get to/from the hospital; and where will they eat?

Decades ago, families tried to sleep in their child’s room, in the waiting area in the hospital, or in their cars to be near their hospitalized child. Opening the doors to our House in 1987  lessened the emotional, physical, and financial hardships these families face, fulfilling our mission of “keeping families with critically ill children close to each other and providing the care and resources they need, when they need it most.”

Providing family-centered care for over thirty years, no one has ever been turned away from our House because of a lack of funds. Our doors stay open 365 days a year, ensuring that families are within steps of their critically ill child. The presence of family can often be as strong as prescribed medications; studies show everyone copes better when they’re together.

A welcoming, safe space, our House brings relief from many difficult and stressful circumstances by providing healthy nutritious meals, clean private rooms, and comfortable shared spaces. The over 10,000 families who have stayed with us are  thankful to be within steps of their hospitalized children.